• Asparagus

With its distinct and delicious flavor, plus scores of nutrients, it’s no wonder that asparagus has been cultivated and loved for more than 2,000 years!  Treasured by the ancient Greeks and Romans for its medicinal and culinary qualities, asparagus was also prized by King Louis XIV of France who built special greenhouses so that his table could be graced by the green stems year round. 

Care & Handling


Select spears which are bright green, straight and firm with tightly closed tips and only an inch or so of the tough, woody base to trim off at the bottom. Thicker spears are traditionally more tender than thinner ones. Ridges in the stems and a dull green color are an indication of old age. Stalks should not be limp or dry at the cut.


Wrap the bases of fresh asparagus spears in wet paper towels and keep in a plastic bag, in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Asparagus can be stored up to 4 days. You can also cut off the very bottom of the asparagus and place the entire bunch into a mug that is half filled with water and refrigerate for the best flavor.


Cut or break off woody stem ends and wash spears before using.

Nutrition & Health Benefits: 

This truly “royal” veggie is off-the-charts nutritious with copious amounts of: • Vitamins C & K • Folic Acid (Folate) • Dietary Fiber

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