• Carrots

Carrots are one of America’s favorite vegetables.  Their crunchy texture, sweet taste and amazing versatility make them a must have for kids and parents alike.


Green Giant® Fresh Carrots are available year round.

Care & Handling


Quality carrots are well-shaped with firm, smooth exteriors that are a vibrant orange to orange-red. For best quality, tops should be closely trimmed since they tend to decay rapidly.


To preserve flavor and texture, carrots should be stored in their original plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper. If they were purchased loose, place them in a perforated or loosely closed plastic bag.


Whether serving carrots raw or cooked, they can be prepared in a multitude of delicious (and beautiful) ways. • Cut into sticks • Cut them straight or diagonally crosswise into "coins” • Slice them into julienne (matchstick-size) strips • Grate or shred them quickly in a food processor

Nutrition & Health Benefits: 

The extremely nutritious carrot provides a ton of benefits. But, simply put, carrots are very, very good for you and are the leading source of beta-carotene in the American diet. Beta carotene, which creates the orange coloring in many fresh produce items and was actually named after the nutrient-rich carrot, converts to Vitamin A in the body. There is a link between diets high in Vitamin A and improved eyesight, so eating more carrots could keep you seeing clearly for years to come. Other nutrients and minerals found in abundance in carrots include: • Calcium pectate • Vitamins C, K and B6 • Potassium • Calcium • Manganese

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