• Green Beans

Here’s a quick history lesson on the popular green bean:  They are sometimes still referred to as “string beans” for the fibrous string that ran along the seam of the bean.  However, the tough string no longer exists in modern varieties, making them even easier to eat! 

Care & Handling


Select green beans which have a bright green hue and are firm to the touch. Avoid those which are shriveled, discolored, damaged, or underdeveloped.


Store in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer, in the original bag or a resealable plastic bag.


Gently rinse beans just before use. You may leave the beans whole for cooking or cut them crosswise or diagonally into 1" to 2" lengths.

Nutrition & Health Benefits: 

Green Beans are delicious and equally nutritious with loads of vitamins A & C, fiber and potassium.

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