• Mint

Mint is an extremely aromatic herb containing a strong, cooling flavor and effect. Mint not only freshens your breath, but can be used in a variety of dishes and beverages to add tons of flavor and freshness! Mint pairs well with just about anything from iced tea to baked goods, but is particularly complimentary to melons and cucumbers. Chop or mince fresh mint with sliced cucumbers or melons, olive oil and lemon juice for a fresh, clean salad that is loaded with a medley of flavors!

Care & Handling


Look for Mint that is bright green in color and avoid leaves that are torn, wilted or blackened.


Rinse Mint under cold water and let dry. Wrap into damp paper towel and place in plastic storage bag in the fridge.


Remove stems from Mint and rinse before use. Mint can be prepared in a variety of ways from chopping and tearing to mincing and blending.

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