• Sweet Potatoes

While sweet potatoes are definitely “special occasion worthy”, they shouldn’t be enjoyed on Thanksgiving and other holidays alone!  Instead, show your thanks for their many nutritional benefits, including beta carotene, by including them in your menus throughout the year. 


Green Giant® Fresh Sweet Potatoes are available year round.

Care & Handling


Select sweet potatoes that are heavy for their size and are smooth, hard, and free of bruises or decay, which may appear as shriveled or sunken areas or black spots. Even if cut away, decay may have left the entire potato with an unpleasant taste. Keep in mind, the deeper the orange color of the sweet potato, the higher the nutritional content will be!


Despite their rugged appearance, sweet potatoes are actually quite delicate and their thin skin is easily damaged making them subject to rapid spoilage. After purchase, sweet potatoes should be kept in a cool (55°F - 60°F), dry place, such as a cellar, pantry, or garage--never in the refrigerator, where they may develop a hard core and an "off" taste.

Nutrition & Health Benefits: 

Sweet potatoes are chock full of eyesight-supporting beta carotene. The sweet interior is wrapped with a tasty skin that provides a punch of fiber, too – so skip the peeler! Other “good-for-you” nutrients and minerals found in sweet potatoes include: • Vitamins C and B6 • Manganese

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